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April 27, 2011

How to run a graduate student conference

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This post is the result of a #phdchat last week that looked at how to share your work at conferences. As a response to that, I reposted my observations and advice on how to behave at conferences last week. However, I also thought it might be helpful to share some notes I have about how to actually run a conference. In 2010, I organised the Rutgers Classics Graduate Conference, “All Roads Lead From Rome: The Classical (non)Tradition in Popular Culture”, which went very well indeed; afterwards, I wrote up some notes on what to do, what to expect, and how to generally go about things. These were written for the Rutgers institutional context, so things may differ in institutions in other countries and indeed in other American institutions, but they should provide a good starting point for anyone organising a graduate conference – or, for that matter, most other sorts of conference!

 I should mention that while in what follows, I suggest asking key members of faculty for help and support at particular stages, you should of course feel free to contact them at any point you would like their input or advice.  


April 21, 2011

Tips For Conferences, or “Don’t Wear Pearls”

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Wednesday’s #phdchat covered the topic of attending and presenting your research at academic conferences. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some notes I wrote for my own reference and then publicised on the Life Course Project on how to approach writing a conference paper and what to do at a conference. These notes are the result of my five years of conference attending and observation, not to mention other people’s wise suggestions. What you’ll find behind the jump:

  • Things to think about when writing your paper
  • Things to think about concerning handouts
  • Things to think about concerning technology
  • How to prepare beforehand
  • What to do at the conference
  • Tips and tricks for presenting – general
  • Tips and tricks for presenting – speech
  • Tips and tricks for presenting – body language
  • Tips and tricks for presenting – answering questions

This post does not address the question of how to write a good conference abstract, but perhaps I will go into that in another post!



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