Classically Inclined

Papers and seminars

January 2020: ‘Managing a domestic crisis: Seneca, Stoicism and the family’, opening lecture in the ‘Crisis and Control’ Philosophy Public Lecture Series 2020 at the University of East Anglia, sponsored by the Royal Institute for Philosophy.

November 2018: Monstrous outliers: monster theory and the classical monster, Postgraduate Seminar Series, University of Buckingham.

May 2018: Women in classics, the Lyceum Classics Community Seminar, UCL.

April 2018: A fish without a bicycle: Gendered stage space in Plautus and Seneca, Classical Association Conference, Leicester.

February 2018: Kings, emperors and fatherhood in Seneca, departmental research seminar, Durham University.

June 2017: The ancient monster in the modern world: A diachronic and transnational case study, Transnational Monstrosity in Popular Culture, York.

February 2017: Monstrous acting: Ancient monsters on film, departmental research seminar, University of Liverpool.

December 2016: Ancient monsters, modern fears, Past Matters, Research Futures: An AHRC Care for the Future ECR Conference, London.

November 2016: I just can’t wait to be king: Fathers and rulers in Seneca, departmental research seminar, University of Birmingham.

June 2016: Release the Kraken? Ancient monsters in modern epic, Celtic Classics Conference, Dublin.

May 2016: Mazes intricate: The Minotaur as a catalyst of identity formation in British Young Adult fiction, Our Mythical Childhood – Chasing Mythical Beasts, Warsaw, Poland.

September 2014: Avoiding the master’s house: Representing women’s space on the Roman comic stage, Is Gender Still Relevant? Examining The State of Play in the Historical Disciplines, Bradford.

August 2014: Fathers, be good to your daughters: Seneca, Augustus and familial ethics, Commemorating Augustus: A Bimillennial Re-evaluation, Leeds.

August 2014: A common thread: Representations of the Minotaur in London, Diversity in Speculative Fiction, LonCon3 Academic Track, London.

June 2014: A common thread: Representations of the Minotaur in London, From I, Claudius to Private Eyes: The Ancient World and Popular Fiction, Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv.

May 2014: Space and gender in Plautus’ Rudens, departmental research seminar, University of Trinity St. David, Lampeter.

April 2014: Passing under the wall: Concepts of masculinity in the Roman Britain movies, Classical Association Conference, Nottingham.

April 2014: contributor, Does research on the ancient past have a future in UK media? roundtable discussion, Classical Association Conference, Nottingham.

June 2013: “By a wall that faced the south”: Crossing the border in classically-influenced fantasy, Swords, Sorcery, Sandals and Space: The Fantastika and the Classical World, Liverpool.

March 2013: The desirable contest: Seneca, familial ethics and fathers, KYKNOS seminar, Swansea.

May 2012: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus: The eroticization of knowledge in the Priapea, Feminism and Classics VI, Crossing Borders, Crossing Lines, Brock University, Ontario.

April 2012: “Books will speak plain when counsellors blanch”: Reading as consolation in Seneca, Classical Association Conference, Exeter.

November 2011: Seneca, the ethics of the family and fathers, IAA Verbal Poster Seminar, Birmingham.

November 2011: “The dragon-green, the luminous, the dark, the serpent-haunted sea”: Monsters, landscape and gender in Clash of the Titans (1981 and 2010), Animating Antiquity – Harryhausen and the Classical Tradition, Bradford.

April 2011: Sweeter than honey in the comb: Pliny and the philosophers, Latin Day Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

January 2011: Sing the lyrics! Perform the lyrics! Two approaches to music in Plautine comedy, the Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association, San Antonio, Texas.

October 2010: A musical evening in honor of David Porter, Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Newark, New Jersey.

March 2010: Life in plastic, it’s fantastic: Classical reception and Barbie, The 32nd Annual Warren I. Susman Graduate Student Conference, Rutgers, New Jersey.

January 2010: Reading rape in Ovid, the Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association, Anaheim, California.

November 2009: Our house is a very, very, very fine house: The family as philosophical ideal in Seneca, Oikos – Familia: The family in ancient Greco-Roman society, the fifth annual ARACHNE conference, Gothenburg, Sweden.

October 2009: Life in plastic, it’s fantastic: Classical reception and Barbie, Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Wilmington, Delaware.

April 2009: Twisted sister: Family relationships in the Octavia, lines 1-188, Latin Day Colloquium, New York University, New York City.

May 2008: She’s only a bird in a gilded cage: Freedwomen at Trimalchio’s dinner party, Feminism and Classics V, Bringing It All Back Home, University of Michigan, Michigan.

October 2007: An invisible girl in an invisible world: Glauke in Euripides’ Medea, the Centennial Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Washington D.C.

April 2007: Women in the Priapea: The eroticisation of knowledge, Latin Day Colloquium, Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey.


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