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October 2019: guest interviewee on ‘Woman’s Hour’, BBC Radio 4, interviewed by Jane Garvey; interview begins about 12 minutes in.

August 2019: ‘Talking head’ specialising in the roots of monsters for short documentary Monsters are Real, released as a featurette on the DVD release of Godzilla: King of Monsters (Warner Bros.).

July 2018: interviewed about Stoicism for Hacking Happiness, episode 2, ‘Self-Harm Nation’, a five episode series for BBC Radio 4 hosted by Leo Johnson.

December 2017: ‘Talking head’ specialising in antiquity for five episodes of Myths and Monsters, a television series for 3DD Productions; released on Netflix UK/US/Canada on 23rd December 2017.

March 2016: interviewed for article in the Independent, ‘Why do bridesmaids all dress the same?’, on Roman marriage traditions.


May 2021: guest interviewee on The Scotland Stoics podcast, talking about Seneca and Stoicism.

October 2020: guest interviewee on the Classical Wisdom Speaks podcast, talking about Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture.

September 2020: guest interviewee on the History Hack podcast, talking about ancient monsters.

August 2020: guest interviewee on the Creepy Classics podcast, talking about Petronius’ Satyricon and werewolves in antiquity.

October 2019: guest interviewee on The Endless Knot, talking about Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture; syndicated to The New Books Network.

October 2019: first guest interviewee on Seminar Sessions, the Royal Holloway research podcast.

July 2019: guest interviewee on Coffee and Circuses, talking about Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture, classical reception and Seneca.

Public Events

January 2021: guest on the Stoa Nova Conversations, hosted by Massimo Pigliucci and Rob Colter.

September 2018: ‘Lessons in Stoic Leadership from Seneca’, Stoicon 2018, London.

August 2018: organiser and participant in ‘Classical Reception in Xena and Hercules’ panel for the Nine World Convention, London.

June 2018: speaker at Do Fictional Monsters Reflect Our Reality?, The Royal Institution, London.

October 2017: ‘Stoicism and the Family’, Stoicon-X in London, Institute of Advanced Study, London.

October 2017: ‘Why Does the Ancient Monster Survive in the Modern World?’, Why Do We Need Monsters?, Institute of Classical Studies, London.

August 2017: participant in ‘Re-reading Mythology’ and ‘Classical Monsters in Popular Culture’ panels for the Nine Worlds Convention, London.

October 2015: ‘When Worlds Collide: The Mixing of the Personal and Professional in Ancient Archives’, spotlight talk at Are We What We Keep?, The Family Archive Project workshop, Kew.

February 2015: respondent, Feminism and the Academy: Resisting Tradition in Academic Research, workshop held at Royal Holloway.

November 2014: ‘Stoic and Aristotelian views of the best kind of life. A conversation between Dr. Liz Gloyn and Prof. Anne Sheppard’, an event organised by the Royal Holloway Philosophical Society.


2011 – present: author of the Classically Inclined blog, which you are currently reading!

January 2021: contributed Foreword for Gods & Monsters Myths & Tales in the Epic Tales series, Flame Tree Publishing.

October 2019: ‘Living with Mortality.’ The Stoic 1.10: 9.

October 2019: ‘Invisible barriers keep many academics from the media’, WonkHE.

December 2017: ‘My Life in Latin.’ The LOSA Newsletter. December 2017 edition: 10.

September 2017: ‘At Home With The Stoics.’ History Today. Volume 67, issue 9: 48-57.

2013 – 2017: occasional contributor to What Are You Reading? column in Times Higher Education.

August 2016: ‘Seneca’s Guide To Relaxing.’ Iris Online.

April 2015: ‘In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: On Classical Reception and Science Fiction.’ Strange Horizons.

February 2015: ‘Some Newnham Classicists of the Past.’ Newnham College Roll Letter: 128-9.

September 2014: ‘Musonius Rufus and Women’s Education.’ Omnibus 68: 21-22.

January 2014: ‘ “By A Wall That Faced The South”: Crossing The Border in Classically-Influenced Fantasy.’ Strange Horizons.

2013: ‘The Cambridge Greek Play.’ CA News 49: 12-13.

2010: ‘ “It Had, Indeed, More Than Its Share of Pleasant Things”: Classical Allusion and Hope Mirrlees’ Lud-in-the-Mist.’ CA News 42: 12-15.

Work With Schools And Teachers

May 2020: participated in the Godolphin and Latymer Ancient World Breakfast Club podcast series (recorded in place of a scheduled talk cancelled due to COVID-19).

March 2020: ‘Creating Space and Gender on the Roman Stage’, invited lecture for The Williams Project, Chigwell, Essex.

March 2020: ‘Seneca’s Stoic Philosophy of Love and Relationships’, invited lecture as part of the Camden School For Girls Sixth Form Masterclasses programme.

November 2019: ‘The Good Wife (and Husband): Classical Expectations of a Man, Woman and Couple’, invited talk as part of Sovereign Education’s lecture day on the Love and Relationships option for students and teachers of A-level Classical Civilization.

June 2019: ‘Love and Relationships’, invited talk as part of Teaching Scholarship, a Classical Association Teaching Board training day for teachers of A-level Classical Civilization.

April 2019: ‘Love, Relationships and Seneca’, invited talk at the Jewish Community Secondary School, New Barnet, London.

February 2019: ‘Travels with Seneca: A Cautionary Tale’, invited talk at Eltham College, London.

January 2019: ‘Love, Relationships and Seneca’, invited talk at Chigwell School, Essex.

January 2019: ‘Meeting Medusa: Why Does the Ancient Monster Survive in the Modern World?’, invited lecture for The Williams Project, Chigwell, Essex.

April 2018: ‘Travels with Seneca: A Cautionary Tale’, invited talk at Beaconsfield High School, Buckinghamshire.

November 2017: ‘Does Having A Beard Make You A Philosopher?’, invited talk at Bishop Thomas Grant School, London.

April 2017: ‘Magic and Tragedy on the Roman Stage’, as part of Studying The Classical World, taster course for sixth form students held at Royal Holloway.

April 2016: ‘The Classical World In The Films Of Hollywood’ and ‘Depictions of Medusa in Film’, invited talks at Huish Episcopi Academy, Somerset.

November 2015: ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Ovid?’, invited talk at the Henrietta Barnett School Classics Society, London.

December 2014: judge of the inaugural annual ‘Talking about Classics’ public speaking competition, St. Swithun’s School, Winchester.

June 2014: ‘Teaching Latin using The Online Companion To The Worlds of Roman Women’, as part of Exploring Roman Culture School Teachers’ Colloquium, Royal Holloway.

February 2014: ‘The Classical World In The Films Of Hollywood’, invited talk at Bancroft’s School, London.

April 2013: talk on Latin for two Year Four classes, Handsworth Primary School, London, in association with the Mayor’s Love Latin Scheme.

March 2013: ‘Hollywood and Epic’, Sixth Form Conference, Birmingham and Midlands branch of the Classical Association, Birmingham.

January 2013: ‘Medusa in Film’, invited talk at the King Edward’s School Classical Society, Birmingham.

March 2012: ‘Classics and Film’, Sixth Form Conference, Birmingham and Midlands branch of the Classical Association, Birmingham.


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