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I’m always delighted to talk to schools and other organisations about my research, what university is like, and classics in general. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss arranging a visit – I’m very happy to tailor a talk to your needs. The more notice you can give me the better, as my diary fills up quickly.



July 2018: interviewed for Hacking Happiness, episode 2, ‘Self-Harm Nation’, a five episode series for BBC Radio 4 hosted by Leo Johnson.

December 2017: ‘Talking head’ for five episodes of Myths and Monsters, a television series for 3DD Productions; released on Netflix UK/US/Canada on 23rd December 2017.



September 2018: ‘Lessons in Stoic Leadership from Seneca’, Stoicon 2018, London.

August 2018: organiser and participant in ‘Classical Reception in Xena and Hercules’ panel for the Nine World Convention, London.

June 2018: speaker at Do Fictional Monsters Reflect Our Reality?, The Royal Institution, London.

April 2018: ‘Travels with Seneca: A Cautionary Tale’, invited talk at Beaconsfield High School, Buckinghamshire.

November 2017: ‘Does Having A Beard Make You A Philosopher?’, invited talk at Bishop Thomas Grant School, London.

October 2017: ‘Stoicism and the Family’, Stoicon-X in London, Institute of Advanced Study, London.

October 2017: ‘Why Does the Ancient Monster Survive in the Modern World?’, Why Do We Need Monsters?, Institute of Classical Studies, London.

August 2017: participant in ‘Re-reading Mythology’ and ‘Classical Monsters in Popular Culture’ panels for the Nine Worlds Convention, London.

April 2017: ‘Magic and Tragedy on the Roman Stage’, as part of Studying The Classical World, taster course for sixth form students held at Royal Holloway.

April 2016: ‘The Classical World In The Films Of Hollywood’ and ‘Depictions of Medusa in Film’, invited talks at Huish Episcopi Academy, Somerset.

April 2016: ‘Gamifying Intermediate Latin’, ‘Valuing Teaching and Sharing Approaches’, the Royal Holloway Teaching and Learning Symposium 2016.

November 2015: ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Ovid?’, invited talk at the Henrietta Barnett School Classics Society, London.

October 2015: ‘When Worlds Collide: The Mixing of the Personal and Professional in Ancient Archives’, spotlight talk at Are We What We Keep?, The Family Archive Project workshop, Kew.

February 2015: respondent, Feminism and the Academy: Resisting Tradition in Academic Research, workshop held at Royal Holloway.

December 2014: judge of the inaugural annual ‘Talking about Classics’ public speaking competition, St. Swithun’s School, Winchester.

November 2014: ‘Stoic and Aristotelian views of the best kind of life. A conversation between Dr. Liz Gloyn and Prof. Anne Sheppard’, an event organised by the Royal Holloway Philosophical Society.

June 2014: ‘Teaching Latin using The Online Companion To The Worlds of Roman Women’, as part of Exploring Roman Culture School Teachers’ Colloquium, Royal Holloway.

February 2014: ‘The Classical World In The Films Of Hollywood’, invited talk at Bancroft’s School, London.

April 2013: talk on Latin for two Year Four classes, Handsworth Primary School, London, in association with the Mayor’s Love Latin Scheme.

March 2013: ‘Hollywood and Epic’, Sixth Form Conference, Birmingham and Midlands branch of the Classical Association, Birmingham.

January 2013: ‘Medusa in Film’, invited talk at the King Edward’s School Classical Society, Birmingham.

March 2012: ‘Classics and Film’, Sixth Form Conference, Birmingham and Midlands branch of the Classical Association, Birmingham.



2013 – present: occasional contributor to What Are You Reading? column in Times Higher Education.

2011 – present: author of the Classically Inclined blog, which you are currently reading!

December 2017: ‘My Life in Latin.’ The LOSA Newsletter. December 2017 edition: 10.

September 2017: ‘At Home With The Stoics.’ History Today. Volume 67, issue 9: 48-57.

August 2016: ‘Seneca’s Guide To Relaxing.’ Iris Online.

April 2015: ‘In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: On Classical Reception and Science Fiction.’ Strange Horizons.

February 2015: ‘Some Newnham Classicists of the Past.’ Newnham College Roll Letter: 128-9.

September 2014: ‘Musonius Rufus and Women’s Education.’ Omnibus 68: 21-22.

January 2014: ‘ “By A Wall That Faced The South”: Crossing The Border in Classically-Influenced Fantasy.’ Strange Horizons.

2013: ‘The Cambridge Greek Play.’ CA News 49: 12-13.

2010: ‘ “It Had, Indeed, More Than Its Share of Pleasant Things”: Classical Allusion and Hope Mirrlees’ Lud-in-the-Mist.’ CA News 42: 12-15.


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