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I’m always happy to hear from people interested in my work, whether that’s to talk about it in the media or to come and talk to your school.

Media: I’ve written for publications with a wide public audience including History Today, Strange Horizons and Times Higher Education. I have media experience working with television, documentary film, radio and newspapers. Please contact me for comment on Roman social history, Roman philosophy, Seneca, and classics in contemporary culture of all kinds.

School talks: I am available for a limited number of school talks each year, so do catch me early! I can talk on Seneca, either in relation to the A-level Latin or the A-level Classical Civilization Love & Relationships options; ancient philosophy and Stoicism more broadly; Roman tragedy; Ovid; classics on film; and ancient monsters in the modern world. I’m also happy to discuss other topics which might suit your students.

PhD work: If you’re thinking about potential PhD study, I’m interested in supervising work looking at Seneca, the Roman Stoics, and other topics related to my research interests. Please do drop me a line.

You can reach me at my Royal Holloway e-mail address, which is liz.gloyn at


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