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March 11, 2016

Future Plans

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As some of you may recall, my contract at Royal Holloway was for a three year post, scheduled to end this August. I’m delighted to be able to let you know that I have now been offered and have accepted a permenant post in the department of Classics here.

The process of getting to this stage has been a bit Byzantine and complicated, so I shan’t bore you with it, but I’m delighted. As regular readers and Twitter followers may have gathered, I enjoy teaching the students who come to us very much; I have the opportunity to teach across a range of subjects in my research area, including the languages; and I feel like I fit well with my colleagues in both research interests and general temperament. Given some conversations going on elsewhere about the pressures on female academics with children, I should also say that I feel I’m in a department which is very sympathetic to those pressures and the needs of academic parents – on the announcement of my pregnancy, I had two professors and a lecturer (all male) crowded in my office with congratulations and tales of their own children as tinies, which I treasure as a rare and precious thing (though it shouldn’t be).

As this news came in the middle of term, and we’re still not out of the teaching woods, I will be honest that the long-term effects of this still haven’t quite sunk in. The most obvious of those is that according to RHUL’s sabbatical policy, I am entitled to a sabbatical, which I’ll be taking in the autumn term – the sabbatical was confirmed a few days before the paperwork dealing with the contract change was sorted, which was mildly amusing! Of course, in the longer term this means there are all sorts of options open for collaborations with colleagues, getting the Monster Project up and running, and developing some more courses that really draw on and advance my research interests. But for now, I’ll settle for getting through term without the worry of watching the job adverts.


  1. Congratulations Liz!

    Comment by nobdysaknwitall — March 11, 2016 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

  2. Congratulations on both aspects of your life! I was actually just looking you up and wishing you were more senior because my dept wanted British external reviewers on my tenure list. 🙂 Sadly, it is too late now. Will you be at FemClass? –Anise K. Strong

    Comment by Anise K. Strong — March 11, 2016 @ 10:23 pm | Reply

    • Thank you! Ah, the joys of the tenure letter… I won’t be at FemClass, as it’s just too much to balance being away for that long and that far at the moment – hopefully it’ll be feasible next time around. I shall miss it!

      Comment by lizgloyn — March 28, 2016 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

  3. Wonderful news on many fronts! All the very best to you, Liz.

    Comment by Molly Ayn Jones-Lewis — March 13, 2016 @ 9:01 am | Reply

  4. That’s fantastic! Congrats!

    Comment by where we are — March 26, 2016 @ 5:00 am | Reply

  5. […] the time I was made permanent, and so could start thinking about what I might want to do differently, I was already feeling that […]

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