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June 22, 2011

[deadline now passed] CFP: To Receive Is Never Neutral: A multi-disciplinary workshop towards an Ethics of Reception

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This is more of a call for participants than a call for papers. I’m sharing it because while I really, really wish I could attend myself, I suspect that other obligations make that decision Extremely Unwise. The issue at hand is an important one, particularly for classical reception scholars and queer theorists; we have to acknowledge where we are coming from, personally, in order to see our own prejudices and priorities for what they are. This awareness lets us work around our own positionality, and make sure that our research and teaching acknowledges that. It also lets us think about what’s at stake in our own engagement with classics and how we present it to others. So I share this call for partipants in the hope that someone I know will be able to go and tell me all about it afterwards.


To Receive Is Never Neutral: A multi-disciplinary workshop towards an Ethics of Reception

(University of Bristol, September 7-8th 2011)

This multi-disciplinary and international workshop re-addresses the diverse responses, receptions, and rejections of Classical narratives with/in ethical thinking.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers and Respondents : Sarah Wood, Greg Garrard, Katherine Harloe, Genevieve Liveley, Ika Willis, Kate Nichols, Sabina Lovibond, Shushma Malik, Duncan Kennedy, Eleanor Morgan (more tbc).

Speakers Include: Abigail Baker, William Batstone, Jacques A Bromberg, Caroline Bruce, Clare Foster, Martin Gak, Thomas Hunt, Lynn Kozak and Carina de Klerk, Adam O’Brien, Matthew Mackisack, Lisa McNally, Angelica Nuzzo, Helen Roche, Monika Schwätzler, Helen Slaney.

Through a series of round-table debates, plenary discussions and respondent sessions, the place of “ethics” and “reception” within academic theory and practice will be critically re-conceived.

We are calling for engaged and engaging participants from diverse disciplines, specialisms, and interests to join our speakers for two days of stimulating and creative discussion with a particular focus on how Classical narratives are received and interacted with/in ethical contexts, questions, and queries.

We will pre-circulate the papers to ensure open, provocative, and communal debate; creating a self-reflexive and creative place for people to share, perform and re-form different knowledges.

Places are limited. Email for further information. Download registration forms from the conference website.

Deadline for Registration: July 15th 2011


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